About Roam-ON

Who are we?

Roam-ON is a part of the company: AMS-Distribution B.V located in Terborg, The Netherlands. Roam-ON offers mobile internet services for foreign destinations.Roam-ON collaborates with several national and international providers to provide the best possible offers within our reach.

When is Roam-ON interesting to use?

Roam-ON offers mobile data solutions which travelers can use to be online much cheaper than using their own provider’s roaming functions. Roam-ON is fit for people that are planning on going abroad and want to udr Internet.


How long is the data top-up valid?

Every dataplan is valid for 24 hours starting from 00 am tll 12 pm

Do i always have a fast/stable internet connection?

The mobile telecommunicationservices are run thrrough the use of radiosignals, this causes the quality of the connection to be inconsistent. This depends on the device the SIMcard is being used in, the coverage of the network and atmospheric circumstances. Usually there is a good coverage in urban/populated areas. For fast internet that we are used to you will need a 3G or 4G connection. If you see a 2G, GPRS or Edge displayed on your screen, this means you are using equivelant of 2G connections. The internet connection speed will be much slower than what you are used to. This will even cause some functions and apps to stop working properly.

I have a bad internet connection due to coverage. What can i do?

Sometimes it helps to stand in a different location, even sitting closer to a window can help. Or try going outside, because of the lack of walls your connection will improve. Roam-ON is not responsible for complaints that may arise due to coverage problems

How much data do i need?

This fully depends on what you wish to do with the data.

The chart provided below will give a rough estimate depending on your wishes.

Mobile internet usageUsage in data (Mb)
1 hour of instant messaging 0,25 - 1 Mb
1 hour of surfing the web 1,5 - 25 Mb
Downloading 100 e-mails (without attachments) 1 - 10 Mb
Downloading 1 picture 0,05 - 4 Mb
Downloading 1 MP3 file 3 - 8 Mb
Downloading 1 movie trailer 7 - 50 Mb
Downloading 1 movie 700 - 4000 Mb
1 hour of video streaming 400 - 1000Mb
1 hour of audio streaming 50 - 150 Mb

As you can see in the chart above, is “surfing the web” not a way of using a lot of data. Even on the highest estimate for “surfing the web” is it possible to browse the internet for 40 hours on a 1GB data-bundle, this means more than 1 hour of webbrowsing per day for a month.

However, these days more complex websites pop-up more and more. These websites will use up more data than the estimate. This due to video/audio streaming and animations on the webpages. Keep in mind that use of social media can also drain a lot of data, due to for example picture uploads. If you want to use social media make sure to get more data.

Placing an order and Delivery

How do i place an order?

Placing an order with us at Roam-ON is very simple. Find the product you wish the purchase by browsing through the simplified menu’s of our website. Click on the button ''Add to Cart''. When you are done shopping click on the ''Shopping Cart'' symbol in the top right corner. Here you can view all products added and also proceed to checkout.

How long does it take for a package to be delivered?

If you order on work days before 1:00 pm, the product will be shipped on the same day. Using the provided Track & Trace code will show you exactly where your package is at the moment

Can i get my package delivered sooner?

You can choose in the shipping method an express delivery, this does come with extra costs

Can i track my delivery?

We will provide a Track & Trace code as soon as we ship the products, this will be sent to you through email.

How will i know if my order got accepted?

As soon as we receive your order, will we send out a confirmation email to you using the provided email address.

I did not receive a confirmation email, how do i know that my order got accepted?

If you can find the confirmation email with the invoice in your “Inbox”, then it’s possible the email got sent to your junk mail. Please be sure to check your junk mail, if it’s not in here then please contact us through our contact form.

How can i see the state my shipment/order is in?

You can see this by pressing: “Track Order” near the bottom of the webpage.

My package got delivered in a defect state?

Whenever your order get delivered to you in a defect state, it will be possible to send it back to us free of charge. We will send you a new package.

Can i change the delivery address of an order?

It is impossible to change the delivery address once your order has been completed and paid for. It is however possible to change you delivery address in settings of your account for your next purchase.

I’m not a resident of the Netherlands, can i still order your products?

Yes, Roam-ON delivers worldwide.

When will a product be available for purchase again, if it shows that it is temporarily unavailable?

We will update our website as soon as we get a new shipment in of the product, so make sure to check back with us often.

Why do i have to sign for the package?

Your package gets delivered by a postal service whenever a package does not fit through your mailbox and/or has a certain value. Dependent on the shipment method and value of the package, will there be a signature required. In some cases can only the recipient sign for he package.

I would like to check out but the “Proceed to Check Out” button doesnt seem to work

When it seems like you can’t “Proceed to Check Out'', please make sure that all required information has been filled in. All marked fields are required to be filled in to proceed.


Are Taxes included in the prices?

All mentioned prices of our products have Taxes included, but shipping costs get added later on.

How can I pay in your webshop?

You can pay using iDEAL, Paypal, Creditcard, Bancontact, Sofortbanking and Bank Transfer.

How can I confirm that I have paid?

We will send you a confirmation mail once we have received your order and payment.

Are my personal details secure while undergoing the payment steps?

All payment transfers are secured by Paycheckout. More information about safe payment options and our partner Paycheckout can be found on the page for payment options

When will my bankaccount be charged for payment?

If you paid with iDEAL, Paypal, Creditcard, Bancontact, Sofortbanking the payment is instant as soon as the payment is approved by you.

Return Policy

Can I return the product I received?

Yes, this is possible. You have the right to return our product within 14 days counting from the day you’ve received it. This does not apply to data plans. We can no longer accept these as soon as we load them to your device. If you want to return a product, make sure to contact the customerservice, so we know what to expect. Read the “Terms and Conditions” for more information. We will refund the product 14 within days after receiving it.

Other Questions

I’ve lost the login information of my account, what should I do?

You can find the option “Forgot your Password?” on the login page. Following these steps gives you the option to reset your password.

Do I need an account to place an order on your website?

No, it is not required to make an account in order to purchase anything from our website.

What kind of warranty do you provide?

We abide by Dutch law. Most items have a 2 year warranty.